Norwegian Air Shuttle vs U.S.-Based Airlines Pay [VIDEO]

Norwegian Air Shuttle is now offering very low prices from the United States to Europe, a round trip flight between Fort Lauderdale and Oslo, Norway could cost you as low as $300 round trip. However, Norwegian does not offer free in flight meals, spacial leg room or other amenities that U.S. carriers do. In other words, it is the Spirit Airlines that takes you to Europe but charges you for all extra perks but has way better customer service. Norwegian employees are bolstering that their starting salary is higher than that of American Airlines employees. Is this a fair comparison given the difference in aviation policies within the European Union and the United States?

Norwegian Air pilot average starting salary: $52,317
American based pilot average starting salary: $21,000 (regional) | ~$60,000 (major U.S. airline)
Norwegian Air flight crew average starting salary: $36,000 – $39,000
American based flight crew average starting salary: $37,240

U.S. companies are upset at Norwegian Air because they are contracted out of a company in Thailand in order to escape EU and US labor laws, giving them an unfair advantage in an industry plagued with high labor and union fees.

 What are your thoughts about Norwegian Air Shuttle?

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