Our Plans For Valentine’s Day? Exchanging A Romantic Dinner For Airline Food

Plans for Valentine's Day

Our Plans For Valentine’s Day? Exchanging A Romantic Dinner For Airline Food

It’s Valentine’s Day, and for many people that means an expensive dinner out with their Valentine.  Like we have in a few other years of our relation, we’re taking a trip to Budapest, Hungary.  So my husband and I are exchanging a romantic dinner out for  a quality meal on British Airways (just kidding, it likely won’t be quality if history is any indication).

We recently wrote about the importance of travel for a relationship (assuming you’re with the right person).  Our very first Valentine’s Day was spent on a plane on our way to Istanbul, Turkey.  That was our second foreign trip together in three months of our relationship and my first time out of North America!  Ever since that trip, we’ve been traveling.  It gave us the bug.

But This Trip Is Even More Special

This trip has a special meaning because my husband’s parents and brother and my mom will be meeting us there.  This is the first time our families will experience Europe, which is exciting for both of us.  Our parents haven’t had a lot of chances to travel over the years.  So when we found a great deal to Budapest back over the summer, we jumped on it.  I was able to book my mom on miles, which was great since she’s coming from Scranton (AVP).

If there’s one thing that makes travel great, it’s experiences with those you love.  It’s great my husband and I get to spend Valentine’s Day night with the anticipation of a long weekend in Europe with our parents.  That’s a special feeling, and it’s even better than having one night out at a nice restaurant with an okay bottle of wine.

I hope both our families enjoy every moment of the trip.  I know we will because experiencing this first with them is exciting.  I hope it encourages them to come with us on more trips and view the long flight across the Atlantic as well worth it.

Bottom Line

I’m so excited for this trip!  For the past month, my mom has been asking questions and doing research on Budapest.  I can tell she’s excited, and that makes me excited too.  Valentine’s Day is about love, and there’s something about the enriching experience of travel with those you love that create memories for a lifetime.  I look forward to telling you all about the trip when we return!

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?  Are you going anywhere special or going out with a loved one?  How do you prefer to spend the day?


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