Taking Your First Vacation As A Couple? Here’s The Best Time To Take Your First “Baecation”


Taking Your First Vacation As A Couple? Here’s The Best Time To Take Your First “Baecation”

For starters, I know some people hate the word bae.  I did not come up with the phrase baecation, so don’t take it out on me!

Anyways, if you’re thinking of taking your first trip as a couple, you should wait 10 months, according to the survey.

Visit Anaheim commissioned the study, in conjunction with Onepoll, about the best time for a couple to take their first trip together.  Of course, traveling can be stressful for a number of reasons.  Planning a trip, financing a trip, and then actually being on the trip can all be stressful things for people.  That’s why Visit Anaheim decided to commission a study to find the best time for your first joint trip.

The Results

The company surveyed 2,000 Americans and found the following:

  •  88% of respondents said their first vacation together was a success
  • 23% of couples break up because of the vacation
  • 37% of couples fall in love during the trip
  • 52% of those surveyed return to their baecation destination with their partner

What Makes It A Success?

What are important contributing factors to having a successful baecation and staying together?  According to the survey, 69% of respondents listed the right destination.  Other important factors for making it a success include a budget that works for both, good planning, being serious about each other, and being able to compromise.

Most important?  The study found that 74% of those surveyed felt closer to their significant other after the baecation.

Bottom Line

Ten months is a long time.  Admittedly, I went on my first trip with my now husband just short of our one-month anniversary (we traveled to Montreal, Canada).  After that trip, we caught the travel bug and haven’t stopped since.  In fact, it’s that bug for travel that left us wanting to create a platform where we could share our travel experiences and love of travel in a blog.  Experiencing the world together certainly brings us closer, so it’s easy to understand the statistics from the study.

How long did you wait before taking your first trip together as a couple?  Did you ever take a trip with somebody and realize they weren’t the one?  We’d love to hear your experience!

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