Passenger vomits, later dies aboard JFK bound flight from Nigeria

Passenger vomits, later dies

A passenger vomits, later dies on board a flight from Nigeria to JFK.  The CDC has ruled out Ebola.

A plane from Nigeria landed at JFK Airport in Jamaica, NY (NYC) on Thursday with a male passenger aboard who had died during the flight after vomiting. CDC officials conducted an exam on the corpse and later announced that the deceased did not have Ebola The man’s corpse was turned over to Port Authority cops to remove.

The deceased man was 63 years old and had boarded an Arik Air aircraft out of Lagos, Nigeria on Wednesday night according to a federal law enforcement source.

The flights crew immediately contacted the CDC, Customs and Boarder Patrol and Port Authority police,  members of all three agencies boarded the plane at around 6 am local time while the 145 passengers remained on board the aircraft until a health screening was done on the deceased male passenger.

Therefore, again, according to the CDC, this case was not an Ebola related death.

Source: New York Post

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