Playboy bunny flirts her way into becoming Aerolineas pilot for the day

Playboy bunny flirts her way into becoming Aerolineas pilot for the day Oh god, oh god, oh god. This is one for the books! Remember when we thought Nutgate was the craziest thing to happen onboard a plane? Well, that's so passé. From the makers of '4 movies in stereo' and '12 channels with the most varied musical genders', comes Trampghazi!

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As it turns out, “model” and “actress” Vicky Xipolitakis -some sort of Argentinian Kim K, if you will- was aboard Austral Lineas Aereas flight 2708 from AEP to ROS in Argentina, when pilots invited her into the cockpit. While inside the cockpit, she started recording her interactions with the pilots while she chatted and flirted with them. They asked her not to divulge the video, as ‘it might get them in trouble’, to what she replied she wouldn’t, because ‘they’d all end up in jail’. They then proceeded to explain to her how the engines were operated (which honestly it’s very educational) and, in between flirting back and forth and taking selfies with the celeb turned co-pilot, the pilots turned the cockpit lights on upon her request so that she could get a better quality video WHILE SHE WAS OPERATING THE THRUST LEVER, shrieking that she was scared and excited!

The video, posted by herself, then cuts to the landing, where the pilot suggests she should wear a seat belt, which one can only assume was not worn at all during the flight, and then started buckling her up while telling her how nervous he was about touching her and that they wanted her to be ahem, really tight.
Then, and this is BY FAR my most favorite part of the whole video, the following exchange ensues:

Captain: ‘Vicky, this plane is a little bit yours.’
Vicky: ‘Awwww. Why is this plane mine?’
Captain: ‘Well, we all paid for it with our taxes so…’
[Uncontrollable laughter.]
Vicky: ‘With all the taxes they steal from me.’
Captain: ‘You bust you ass off working and…’
Vicky: ‘Yes. Literally.’
[Uncontrollable laughter again.]

There’s a bit more flirting in the video, and a lot of sexy baby voice going on but nothing too interesting after that. She closes with a ‘welcome to Rosario! Bye bye’ and that’s it. Except for the two pilots, who have been fired and charged with negligence for endangering the lives of all passengers. Xipolitakis, it would seem, will also receive some sanctions from the Airline as well, so there goes her chance to get a pilot certification and achieving her dream of joining the flagship carrier. Now, while some argue that this is a mere tactic to tarnish their brand and ruin their reputation for the upcoming presidential elections, most people would agree this is just another example of how poorly this airline is run:

Aerolineas Argentinas On-Time Performance Rating
Aerolineas plane clips Air France wing at MIA
Aerolineas Argentinas admits to annual losses of 250 million dollars

To everyone’s no one’s surprise, and contrary to all official statements, this is not an isolated incident. Here’s other celebs in Aerolineas Argentinas’ cockpits:


So here’s the video for everyone to enjoy:


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