Proper Boarding Etiquette at the Airport

Last Thursday I was boarding a flight from Washington, D.C. (DCA) to Miami, FL (MIA). The entrance to the gate was empty until the gate agent announced that we would begin boarding momentarily, then a flock of passengers blocked the entrance to the gate causing my blood to boil.

I simply cannot stand people who block the gate lanes before their gate is called, it is rude and inconsiderate. I was flying first, so I was one of the first people to board the plane (after passengers needing extra assistance and time). I took the picture a few seconds after the gate agent made the announcement that we would begin boarding momentarily. Once the gate agent welcomed first class passengers I simply boarded the plane while bumping into people and having my carry-on hit the bags of those passengers who were blocking, I also did not apologize. Why? Because it is rude to block the way for other passengers – especially to those who paid extra $$$ to board early.

How should you board? (It depends on the airline) but usually…

  1. First Class, then Business
  2. Elite customers (frequent flyers) & uniformed military personnel
  3. Group 1 (usually airline credit cardholders)
  4. Group 2
  5. Group 3
  6. Group 4
  7. Group 5, etc…

Therefore, be a good flyer and do not block the lane until your zone/group is called. If you must stand up because you are antsy, just make sure you do not block the entrance. Courtesy goes a long way and it makes traveling a lot more bearable. Not to mention, I won’t have to yell at you or knock your bag over while I board. 🙂



*NOTE: Those people blocking I later saw after boarding began – they were probably group 2 or 3. None were first class passengers.

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