QF 94: Melbourne-Bound Plane Returns to LAX After Pipes Burst

QANTAS plane traveling from Los Angeles to MelbourneA QANTAS plane traveling from Los Angeles to Melbourne was forced to return to LAX one hour after takeoff because of a burst water pipe.

A spokeswoman for the airline confirmed the flight, QF 94, had returned to LA because of leaking water, but said there were no safety concerns for passengers on-board.

However, a passenger aboard QF 94 told reporters that that water soaked through the roof of the plane into the economy section of the aircraft.

The plane had left LAX at about 11pm local time and was an Airbus A380.

The Australian airline said in a statement that no one was in any harm and that the flight returned in the interest of precaution and the captains wishes.

“Crew on board did everything they could to help customers, including moving them to unaffected areas and providing spare blankets so they could stay dry,” the spokeswoman said.

“There were no safety of flight concerns with the water leak, however the Captain decided to return to LA in the interests of passenger comfort.”

Linen placed on the floor of the aircraft to contain the flow. Picture: Shane Yeend, twitter.


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