Student Cuts Line, Forced To Apologize To Southwest Flight

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We’ve all seen people rush up to be the first ones on the plane, even if their ticket has them in the last boarding zone.  Well, this high school lacrosse player took advantage of Southwest’s boarding system and cut the line, taking a seat out of order from when he was supposed to.

The student was traveling with his high lacrosse team, and it appears that the coach wrote out an incredibly embarrassing apology that the student was required to read aloud in front of the entire Southwest airplane.

He apologizes at the front of the plane after it appears like the coach got in touch with the flight attendant about making the announcement.  He is forced to say, “I am just a young man, who thinks I am smarter than what I am.”  He end up telling every on board to make sure they fly Southwest.

Without a doubt, this kid had the ultimate walk of shame after getting a lesson in manners from his high school lacrosse coach.  Watch out next time you try to board before you should, you never know who may be watching!

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