Take Your Marijuana With You When You Fly

Marijuana PlantTake Your Marijuana With You When You Fly

People in Oregon will now be able to fly with their marijuana as they depart from Portland International Airport, as long as that flight’s destination is within the state of Oregon.

The change comes as July 1 marked the day that people in Oregon can legally have 8 ounces within their home, four plants being grown out of public view, and one ounce in public.  The new requirement still prevents people from smoking it in public.  Part of that translates to Portland Airport allowing passenger to carry the one ounce limit on their flights, as long as they are flying within Oregon.

Even though the airport is allowing it, it could still cause headaches for those who choose to travel with the substance.  Security at the airport is controlled by the Transportation Security Administration, and under federal law, marijuana is still illegal, in any amount.  While some say the TSA will not purposely look for passengers carrying the drug, if they discover it, they will likely report it to the Port Police.  As long as it is within the one ounce limit and the passenger is 21-years of age or older, the police will let them go.

Other sources have claimed that if the TSA discovers the passenger carrying the drug, they will require the person to leave the checkpoint and dispose of the substance before reentering security.  Visitors entering the security checkpoint will find these signs posted:

Marijuana Travel Sign

So, you may not be able to bring that bottle of soda or the toothpaste you need onboard the flight, but under PDX’s new policy, weed isn’t a problem.

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  1. If a medical marijuana patient, you can fly out of Oakland, SFO, or San Jose with marijuana. They won’t call wherever you’re going but there’s no guarantee you’ll be okay.

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