TGI Fridays Stripes Is A Great Way To Earn Rewards

TGI Fridays

Earlier this week Jenn from The Jetsetter’s Homestead wrote about the great new promotion for $10 appetizers from TGI Fridays and it made me want to tell our readers more about their great rewards program, officially referred to as the TGI Fridays Stripes Program.

I am all about capitalizing on rewards programs, and I have to say that I have never seen a restaurant that even comes close to offering the great rewards program that they offer at TGI Fridays.  Their program is second to none and my experience has been that the rewards come often and require comparatively low spending when you think of the reward that you are getting for the minimal amount of money paid.

Enrolling in the Stripes Program is free and you can easily do it at their TGI Friday website.  The premise is simple: for every $1 you spend on food or a combination of food and drinks (if you just go to drink, make sure to order a water, this counts as food, which must be part of the receipt in order to get stripes credit), you get 1 stripe.  Just for signing up you can get a free appetizer or dessert, an $8 value or so right there.

Here is a list of the rewards:

50 stripes: free dessert

80 stripes: free sandwich or signature burger

100 stripes: $8 0ff food purchase

100 stripes: free seafood or chicken entree

110 stripes: free stacked burger

150 stripes: free ribs or steak entree

As you can see, you can begin earning rewards after just spending $50, which you could easily spend just by two or three people going to dinner and having a drink or two along with the meal.  This is a great value because desserts can run up to $5-$9, so essentially if you spend $50, you get 10% or so back free.  If you can maximize your reward, you could get an entire rib or steak entree for free, which is also not too bad of a deal.  I usually use the 100 stripes for a chicken or seafood, which usually runs about $15-18 dollars, so it seems to be the best reward for the amount you spent (that’s 15-18% back on what you spent!)

Also, the best part is that every time you eat, you get free chips and salsa or homemade potato chips (this varies by location, they are not as prevalent as the chips and salsa).  That mean that whenever you dine there you can forget the $8-10 appetizer and just get a couple of rounds of chips for the table.

This program also has a great app, so if you forget to give your waiter your phone number, you can always use the app to enter and get the points yourself (they are usually credited instantaneously).  Also, if dining with friends, business partners, or family members who aren’t members of the program, make sure to get their points as well!  Stripes are awarded for the check total, so if the entire table spends $100, that’s 100 stripes you can have credited to your account.

Overall, I would highly suggest this great rewards program.  There is nothing better than getting a free meal every 2-3 dines and this is basically unmatched from any other restaurant.  Similar restaurants like Outback and Chili’s don’t have any kind of rewards program like this, so if it comes down to it, I’d much rather dine at TGI Fridays rather than other restaurants within the same category.

So hurry up and join this outstanding rewards club, which is sure to be a great program for anyone looking to maximize their spending and get something back for their money!

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