Malaysia Airlines plane crashes in Ukraine – VIDEO

Malaysia Airlines plane reportedly crashes in UkraineIt is being reported, and officially confirmed, that a Malaysia Airlines flight has crashed in Ukraine near the Russian border. The crash occurred near Donetsk where fighting takes place between the Ukrainian Army.

The plane was en route to Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam with 280 passengers and 15 crew members. The aircraft operating the flight was a Boeing B777. The flight number is being reported as Malaysia Airlines flight #17.

Update 1: Mixed reports are coming in. Some reports are saying that the plane was shot down near the pro-Russian separatist controlled region.

Update 2: It is now being reported by aviation officials that the plane was shot down as it began to lose altitude.

Update 3: Russia has shot down the Malaysia Airlines Boeing B777 says Ukrainian Interior Minister. An emergency meeting is currently underway and possibly Marshall law. (though I do not know why a Marshall law is underway…). The missile that shot down the aircraft is a Russian surface to air missile.

Update 4: The plane was at 33,000 feet prior to being shot down. Malaysia Airlines says “Lost contact of mH17 from Amsterdam, the last known position was over Ukrainian airspace.”

Update 5: The aircraft never sent a squawk 7700, which is an emergency when something is not right with the flight.

Update 6: A terrorist group claims that they shot down a plane at the same time that MH17 went down. However, they claim that it was a Ukrainian air force plane.

Update 6: AP is now reporting that the aircraft was shot down.

Update 7: Reuters is saying that debris from the aircraft is scattered throughout 7 miles, which aviation specialists are saying it is consistent with at altitude airframe breakup, which increases the possibility of a missile being the cause for the crash/destruction.

Update 8: CBS is reporting that the FAA had previously prohibited US airlines from flying over the area where the flight went missing.

Update 9: Russian separatists are denying involvement with the shooting down of MH17. They insist they shot down a Ukranian air force plane and not a commercial airliner.

Update 10: It is being reported that 23 Americans may have been aboard MH17. CBS is now reporting that NO Americans were aboard MH17. The manifest does show 23 Americans aboard.

Update 11: United States President Barack Obama and Russian President Putin discussed MH17 earlier today via telephone. More information on the call is forthcoming…

Update 12: Air France, Lufthansa, Virgin Atlantic and other airlines have re-routed flights to stay clear from the messy region.

Update 13: Ukrainian government confirms that plane was shot down at 33,000ft by terrorists (pro-Russian separatists).

Final Update: Only 1 American has been confirmed to be aboard MH17. The U.S. government says that radar imaging shows pro-Russian separatist to be responsible for launching the surface to air missile that shot down MH17.

Click here to view the passenger manifest list.

Malaysia Airlines has confirmed the crash.

If Russia did really shoot MH17 down, it would not be the first. In 1983 the Soviets shot down Korean Airlines flight 007. Though you can say there is a difference between Russia and the Soviets, there are still similarities in both events. Please note that we are NOT accusing Russia of shooting down the plane. We are merely reporting on-going speculations.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and victims of MH17. This is very sad news, especially for those of us who always travel.

More information will continue to be posted as it is made available.

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