Transpacific United Airlines Flight Diverted Over Passenger Meltdown

United Airlines Flight Diverted

Transpacific United Airlines Flight Diverted Over Passenger Meltdown

A transpacific United Airlines flight was diverted from its original plan to fly to San Francisco, California from Sydney, Australia, after a passenger on the flight began yelling at fellow passengers and flight attendants.

The flight, United Airlines 870 (UA870), was diverted to Auckland after the flight crew, including the captain tried to quell the situation.

Neil Kay, who was on board the flight and sitting near the confrontation, filmed a lot of it and posted it to his Twitter account.

An interview with Mr. Kay from New Zealand News details the moment the passenger became irate with fellow seatmates.  The controversy is said to have started because the passenger, who was seated in the middle seat, did not like that his seatmates in the aisle and window seats, were conversing.  It is believed the two were traveling together and speaking to each other, which is what led to the passenger’s outrage.

After the confrontation with his two seatmates, the flight attendant professionally tried to handle the situation.  While the man seems calm in this video, passengers claim that he was a lot calmer at this point than when originally confronting his seatmates.  Eventually, the captain came out to try and handle the situation.

After arrival in New Zealand, video shows the man being removed from the plane by authorities.

The Inquisitr reports that the flight was diverted to Auckland, at which point the man was taken off the plane.  United Airlines provided all other passengers on the flight a voucher for a one-night hotel stay, until they were accommodated on another flight the following day.  The same report claims that the passenger was denied entry to New Zealand by immigration authorities.



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