TSA searches passenger AFTER his flight lands (VIDEO)

TSA searches passengerKahler Nygard, 22, of Minnesota was asked off a plane by the TSA when his flight landed in Colorado earlier this month. He filmed his unsettling encounter with the agency and later posted it on YouTube (below).

“I’m the only one walking off the plane,” Nygard states in the first video he posted on Youtube six days ago. “They let me fly all the way to Denver. Everyone’s wondering what’s going on with me,” he says as heads turn toward him. “No, I have not committed a crime.”

A TSA agent named Andrew Grossman claims the screening of Nygard was “not completed” in Minnesota, so they needed to search “his body and his bags” again. The agent also called Nygard “pretty objectionable” for filming the encounter with the TSA and further demanded to see Nygard boarding pass, and threatens to call Denver police on him for not complying with his orders.

He repeatedly asks if he’s being detained, and gets a different, mushy answer each time. He asks why he needs to be screened after a flight since he traveled safely from one location to another, and the agent responded with, “I’m not going to argue with you.” Nygard also asked under which statute or law he was being detained, and the TSA agent replies, “I’m following my orders.”

Mr. Nygard eventually walked out of the airport despite the orders given to him by the TSA agents, Nygard and was not arrested and boarded a plane to Minneapolis last week without any problems.

OPINION: I can see why the TSA would search him upon his arrival… he could have boarded a connecting flight in Colorado.

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