Two Tourists Face 10 Years in a Thai Prison for Graffiti on Wall

Thai Prison for Graffiti on Wall

Courtesy: © Stefan Fussan,, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons

Two Tourists Face 10 Years in a Thai Prison for Graffiti on Wall

A British man, Furlong Lee, and a Canadian woman, Brittney Schneider, face up to 10 years in prison in a Thai prison for graffiti on wall.  The two were arrested for spray painting a brick wall near The Phae Gate.  The two were arrested on Thursday in Chiang Mai at a Guesthouse.

The two were caught on CCTV spray painting the wall with “Scouser Lee,” which is a reference to the city of Liverpool in England. It is unknown whether the British man is from Liverpool.  The two did appear to be intoxicated.

Reuters reports that the two defendants do not yet have an attorney.  The police said that the two admitted to the crime already.

Police say the two defendants face up to 10 years in prison, a fine of one million baht ($30, 656), or both.

Final Thoughts

Stories like this really just show a deep level of immaturity.  We all make mistakes, I get it.  But why would you go to somebody else’s country and ruin their property.  You shouldn’t even do that in your hometown, let alone another country that is welcoming you and allowing you to visit.

These two may have been drunk, but the idea that that’s any excuse for it would be ludicrous.  It’s pretty much common sense that you should not destroy personal property.  Drunk or sober, you should be aware of that.

I’m thinking these two will likely get off with a slap on the wrist given the circumstances.  But I hope whatever their punishment, they learned a valuable lesson about how to act as a human being.

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