Upgrade Confirmed? Not so much, it’s Summer…

AA-NewColor-CYULSince I started to exclusively fly American Airlines (and oneworld), I’ve had an upgrade success rate of 100%. However, I fear that my streak my be over this upcoming Wednesday.

All my upgrades have cleared three days in advance of departure too. A good portion of my flights this year have been to Miami (MIA), where my parents live, and departing from Washington, D.C. (DCA), where I live.

I have an upcoming flight to Miami this Wednesday and my upgrade has yet to be confirmed. There are currently 2 first class seats open on my flight. I’m guessing that I might be upgraded at the gate or on-board the plane, that happened to me once when I requested the upgrade the night before my flight. However, flights on this route have always cleared three days prior to departure.

Unfortunately, I’m still 21,000 miles away from Executive Platinum. As I said, I only began flying American this January. I exclusively flew Delta prior to that. If I was EXP I’m sure my upgrade would have been confirmed by now, but I should reach EXP by November.

Summer is always a busy season for traveling. We all want to take a vacation with family and friends, the weather is nice and Miami is definitely high in-demand during the Summer, as is Washington, D.C. All I can hope is that I get upgraded because being Cuban myself, I know how loud we can be during a flight!

Have you noticed a decrease in your upgrade success rate for domestic flights this summer?


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