US Airways Tweets Sexually Explicit Photo to Customer

Inappropriate doesn’t begin to cover what US Airways tweeted. US Airways Tweets Sexually Explicit Photo to Customer

A shockingly graphic tweet (sexually explicit) by US Airways featuring a woman and an airplane has led to an investigation by the management at US Airways.

A photo of a naked woman lying exposed on a bed with a toy plane between her legs was publicly shared by the airline late Monday afternoon while responding to disgruntled customers who were angry about a recent flight delay.

The extremely graphic image sent to one Twitter user came with the caption: “We welcome feedback, Elle. If your travel is complete, you can detail it here for review and follow-up.”

Instead of a link matching that description, however, it was a link to the inappropriate photo, which you can see below by clicking the uncensored tweet link.

The airline has since removed the tweet/picture and issued an apology.
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See the Uncensored Tweet: Click HERE

 In response to the inappropriate tweet, users are having a blast….

In order to understand the tweets you need to see the inappropriate image and the content in which it was used.  US Airways was responding to a passenger who was upset with a delay. It seems that American Airlines/US Airways are making headline news this week with Twitter.

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