Woman Alleges In Suit Emirates Crew Refused Giving Her Water, Leading To A Serious Injury

Emirates Crew Refused Giving Her Water

By Alpha 350 from Hungary – Boeing 777 – Emirates Airlines, CC BY 2.0,

Woman Alleges In Suit Emirates Crew Refused Giving Her Water, Leading To A Serious Injury

There never seems to be a shortage of people suing airlines and never a shortage of stories to find about those lawsuits.  The newest lawsuit comes from a woman in Australia who is suing Emirates after she claims she was refused water numerous times during a flight to Dubai from Melbourne, which led to her fainting in the bathroom and sustaining injuries.

According to The Courier Mail:

In a statement of claim filed with the court Ms Di Falco says airline staff refused to give her a drink after she began feeling unwell on flight EK407 in March 2015.

She says she felt dehydrated in the hot cabin and requested water on multiple occasions but was refused.

Instead she was told by an attendant that food would be served in a couple of hours’ time and that refreshments would be provided then.

Ms Di Falco claims she felt queasy and made her way to the bathroom where she fainted.

As a result she says she sustained a right ankle injury requiring two surgeries and has been left with a permanent injury.

I’ve never flown Emirates, though I look forward to someday try them out, but it seems odd that there was no water available on a long-haul flight.  Every long-haul flight I’ve been on, whether they are U.S. airline companies or foreign airlines, always seems to have access to water somewhere.  Additionally, on long-hauls, whenever I have needed anything, flight attendants have always been accommodating to my request.  I am not in any way saying the woman is lying because I do not know, but in my own experience this seems like such odd behavior from a flight crew on a long-haul flight.  We shall see what the result of the lawsuit is!


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