Irate Woman Harasses Trump Supporter and is Ejected from Plane

Woman Harasses

Courtesy: Fox News

Irate Woman Harasses Trump Supporter and is Ejected from Plane

Well, the division of our country continues, this time on an Alaska Airlines flight from Baltimore to Seattle, where a woman assaults a Trump supporter who happened to be sitting next to her on the flight.

The altercation began when passenger Scott Kotesky, who was seated by the window, was asked by the woman sitting next to him if he was celebrating or protesting this weekend (referring to the Inaugural/Women’s March protests).  Kotesky, who filmed much of the altercation, says he was verbally berated from the woman when he said that he was there “to celebrate democracy.”  Kotesky says she then went on shouting explitives, telling the man it was a good thing that he didn’t have children because he’d be a terrible parent, and other attacks.

When the flight attendant came over to speak to the woman, she said “My husband lost his mother, have some respect.”  The flight attendant didn’t accept that excuse as a reason to berate a fellow passenger, and explicitly told her that doesn’t give her the right to verbally attack her seatmate.  The captain made a determination that the woman should be taken off the plane, so police escorted her off.  As she was being taken off, she gave the finger to the entire airplane.  This occurred after the passengers cheerer her being escorted off the plane.  I think regardless of your politics, this is not the kind of person you want sitting next to around you on a flight across the country.

Can we all just agree on one thing?  When you’re on plane, or anywhere for that matter, just be nice to people and don’t go off on them, despite how much you might disagree with them or not like their personal views.

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