Woman Gave Birth Aboard Plane On Spanish Island

Aviation officials have said that a woman gave birth prematurely aboard a passenger plane after it was diverted to a Spanish resort island.

Woman Gave Birth
An example of a flatbed in a BA flight’s Club Class section, where Mrs Ozeh gave birth. (Courtesy: The Daily Mail)

The 30-year-old woman, who was in the 26th week of pregnancy, went into labor during the British Airways flight from Abuja, Nigeria, to London, Spanish airport authority AENA and the airline said Friday. Ujunwa Eneh Ozeh, who turned 31 today, went into labour at 36,000 feet while flying from her home town of Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, to London Heathrow, despite only being 26 weeks pregnant. Mrs. Ozeh named the baby Michael.

Officials say the Boeing 777, carrying 296 passengers, was given clearance to divert to and land at Palma de Mallorca airport after she began to give birth. Airport medical staff came aboard to help the plane’s crew with the birth Thursday. The airline said its cabin crews are trained in birthing procedures and both mother and child were taken to a hospital on the island. The mother and the newborn were in good condition.

While Mrs Ozeh will be discharged on Monday, Michael is currently in the intensive care unit and will remain in hospital until August, around his original due date, so he can develop properly.

Courtesy: Associated Press
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