Review: My First Propeller Flight

Yesterday was my first propeller flight, I flew on a Bombardier Dash 8, which is a propeller plane, from Philadelphia to Washington, D.C. on US Airways. It was1557700_10201006255476887_7937088278971265636_n my first time flying on a propeller plane, I usually try to avoid them out of some sort of unjustified fear.

Why am I scared of propeller planes? I guess the idea of a propeller plane makes me think that they are old, unsafe and just more vulnerable to maintenance issues than turbo-jets.

However, the flight was not too bad. It was a little bumpy and the propeller noise is very loud. Due to the fact that the flight was bumpy and short it was nearly impossible to use the lavatory during the flight. The lavatory did not have a sink but US Airways did provide hand sanitizer. Also, there is no beverage service during this flight.

IMG_4706Carry-on luggage that does not fit underneath the seat must be left on the tarmac for the agents to check it as a ‘valet bag’ because it does not fit in the overhead bins. You may still bring aboard backpacks, shopping bags, purses, brief cases and anything else that will fit underneath the seat in front of you.

The total flight time was around 45 minutes from take off to touch-down.

Click HERE to learn more about the Dash 8 turboprop plane.

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