“BOMB TO TORONTO” Note On Turkish Airlines Flight Causes Evacuation


“BOMB TO TORONTO” Note On Turkish Airlines Flight Causes Evacuation

A plane was evacuated at Istanbul Airport, which was scheduled to fly to Toronto, Canada, after a note was found in the bathroom that said, “BOMB TO TORONTO.”  The note was found hanging on the wall of the bathroom in the aircraft.  The plane returned to its parking spot, at which time it was evacuated and swept by security.  Nothing suspicious was found on the aircraft, but a new plane was brought over to accommodate the flight to Toronto.

The disruption also caused a flight scheduled to fly to Athens Greece to be grounded.  The flight has since been rescheduled and took off with a delayed departure time.

Turkish Airlines Flight 17 was the flight that was impacted by the threatening note.  According to FlightAware, Turkish Airlines operates a Boeing 777-300ER on that route.  The flight was originally scheduled to land at 4:46pm EST but is now scheduled to land at 11:37pm EST.  All told, the threat caused about a 6 hour delay.

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