DEAL: Chicago to Australia for $485

Chicago to Australia for $485

DEAL: Chicago to Australia for $485

View from the Wing reported on a fare earlier from Chicago to Perth, Australia.  We just looked up some dates and it seems to have some pretty good availability from August-October.  The fare is available at Secret Flying.  They have a list of travel dates available and when I started playing around with dates there was still pretty amazing availability.  However, there is a disclaimer that Secret Flying advises not to book any other non-refundable travel plans for the trip, given that it is not yet known whether the fares will be honored.

The flight is in British Pounds, but you can change it to American dollars for purchase.

The flights are on United and Jetstar Airways, Qatar’s regional airline.  This is a heckuva deal if it ends up being honored and if you have the opportunity to book it please feel free to let us know you booked it!

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