EgyptAir Flight Data “Point Towards a Bomb”

EgyptAir Flight Data "Point Towards a Bomb"

Courtesy: Egyptian Military

EgyptAir Flight Data “Point Towards a Bomb”

The first photos are emerging of the wreckage that was discovered by search crews, which is believed to be the wreckage from EgyptAir Flight 804.

The Telegraph spoke with a pilot about the photos that have emerged and he claims that the sensors that were activated prior to the plane’s disappearance demonstrates an “internal explosion” on the aircraft.

The pilot, who flies for an unnamed European airline, flies an A320 similar to the EgyptAir A320 that disappeared early Thursday morning.  The pilot claims, “It looks like the right front and side window were blown out, most probably from inside out.”

The date being evaluated comes from the aircraft’s Acars system, but until the black boxes from the aircraft are retrieved, it is hard to say what caused the aircraft to crash.  Shortly after the crash, Egyptian officials said that it was more likely terrorism than a mechanical error that brought down the aircraft, but there is no word what led the Egyptian official to come to that conclusion.  That being said, it is not outside of the realm of possibility that the plane’s disappearance could be caused by terrorism.  In December of 2015, 70 staff members at Charles de Gaulle Airport had their badges taken away after they praised the attacks in Paris, had links to radical Mosques, or showing growing signs of religiosity.

The information is certainly preliminary, but the fact that wreckage has been located gives us all hope that we may get answers as to what happened that fateful day that 66 people lost their lives en route to Egypt.

Background on the Missing Flight (BBC):

Sixty-six people were on board Flight MS804, most of them from Egypt and France. A Briton was among the passengers.

Of those on the plane, 56 were passengers, seven were crew members and three were security personnel.

Relatives of some of those on board are being flown from Paris Charles de Gaulle airport to Cairo.

Flight MS804 left Charles de Gaulle at 23:09 local time on Wednesday (21:09 GMT) and was scheduled to arrive in the Egyptian capital soon after 03:15 local time on Thursday.”

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  1. Surely where you write “That being said, it is outside of the realm of possibility that the plane’s disappearance could be caused by terrorism,” you mean “… it is *not* outside …”?

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