Irate Flyer Drops F-Bombs And Demands To Be Let Off Plane Because She Is “Bleeding All Over Her Vagina”

Irate Flyer Drops F-Bombs

Courtesy: ShawnDeere on YouTube

Irate Flyer Drops F-Bombs And Demands To Be Let Off Plane Because She Is “Bleeding Out Of Her Vagina”

A video was posted on YouTube on Thursday from someone who appeared to be on a flight that left a woman cursing the plane, as she couldn’t patiently wait for people to disembark from the aircraft upon its arrival at Denver Airport in Colorado.

The woman began cursing while standing in the aisle, as it appeared people were waiting to disembark the aircraft.  The longer the woman stood there, the more irate she became.  The woman begins by saying telling passengers to “Move faster.  You’re not handicapped” and “This doesn’t work for me.”  The woman then says, apparently at the urging of another passenger trying to calm her down, that she is going to “pray to God” to try to calm down.

That apparently lasted about five seconds, until she went off with even more vulgar language.  She said, “Can we get off the f***ing plane.”  As passengers spoke up to tell the woman there are children on the flight, she responded, “I’m upset.  I have tumors and am in a lot of pain.”  She then got confrontational with a passenger who tried to get her to stop using such vilgar language, telling the woman, “I don’t care who you are.  Don’t talk to me like you know.”

The woman then seems to become even more irate, screaming, “I’m bleeding down my leg, like I’m bleeding down my leg.”  When passengers say something inaudible, she says, “I am being nice.”  Then the woman says in perhaps her most visibly irate stage, “I have tumors, do you want to see it?  I need to get to the hospital so I can patch myself up…I’m bleeding all over my vagina.”

That is when passengers have seemed to have had enough.  A couple passengers remind her of the children on board and one woman stands up telling her that she doesn’t want her kids hearing that language.  The irate woman then says the passenger was eyeing her up since she got on the plane.

It is at this point when the flight crew comes on the PA to tell the woman there are children on the plane and that she should watch her language.  The flight crew also says, “We’ve already called security.”

Sometimes it can be frustrating waiting to get off of an airplane upon arrival, but this might not be the reaction you want to take!

(H/T: View From The Wing)

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