New American Airlines Routes: Lansing to DCA, ORD

New American Airlines Routes: Lansing to DCA, ORD

The American Airlines’ petition to the Federal Aviation Administration requesting an exemption to return round-trip service between Lansing, MI and Washington, D.C. has been approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Under the approved petition, American would be allowed to fly one round-trip daily flight between the two cities as soon as 90-days from March 31st. Additionally, American will fly three daily round-trip flights between Lansing and Chicago O’Hare airport.

American had previously flown from Lansing to D.C. but stopped after Sun Country began service as it saw a decrease in passengers and revenue. Sun Country, however, stopped flying this route nearly six months ago.

American Airlines has not announced any schedule or pricing details for these two routes as of yet.


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