Brace for Longer Security Lines at Airports

Brace for Long Security Lines at Airports

Brace for Long Security Lines at Airports


As you may or may not have already been made aware by your airline, this spring and summer the Transportation Security Administration (“TSA”) expects non-PreCheck lines to be longer than usual. In fact, at some airports PreCheck lines may be longer than usual.

The long lines are a result of the TSA PreCheck program falling far short of enrolling enough travelers to make a difference for those travelers who do not pay for the premium service.

Most airlines have been warning their customers to arrive at airpots at least two hours ahead of their flight for domestic itineraries and three hours ahead for international itineraries. In some airports across the country the TSA lines have reached a 90-minute queue time. Over the past three years the TSA has cut 10% of their workforce because they thought the PreCheck program would be more successful than it has been.

According to NBC Washington, of March 1st, approximately 9.3 million people were PreCheck members. The application fee ranges between $85 to $100 every five years depending on whether you just want PreCheck or also Global Entry. The TSA estimates that 250,000 to 300,000 people are joining one of their premium services every month, but that is still short of the required amount to make a difference.

So, arrive to the airport early and get ready to queue up if you do not have TSA PreCheck or Global Entry! To apply for either of these programs click here to visit the application site.


Read more: NBC Washington

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