25 passengers detained after opening emergency exits

25 passengers detained after opening emergency exitsTwo Chinese passengers aboard a China Eastern flight were upset by their delayed flight decided to open emergency exit doors as the plane was taxing in order to protest. The incident caused the flight to abort takeoff.

Passengers who complaining about the lack of ventilation during the delay. According to airline officials, the planes  ventilation system was turned off for 30 minutes while the plane was getting deiced. Turning off the ventilation system is common in order to prevent fumes from entering the plane and harming passengers.

The event took place on Saturday morning in the southwestern city of Chengdu, the flight was en route to Beijing and was originally delayed due to snow storms in the area.

According to Kunming police, only two of the 25 detained passengers were kept under a 15-day administrative detention for “opening the emergency doors and inciting passengers with false information,” the others were released.

According to administration spokesman Zhang Jilin, “the names of all those found to have been involved would be placed on a ‘national uncivilized traveler record,’ to be distributed to travel related businesses around the country.”

Chinese Tourism officials stand behind the decision to hold the two passengers for 15 days.

The flight eventually departed for Beijing without the 25 detained passengers.


Source: Fox News

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  1. Good, they have to learn a lesson.

  2. Not the City of Chengdu, but City of Kunming.

    • I’ve been checking sources over and over and some say Kunming and others say Chengu… Not sure which ones to believe lol

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