4,615 flights cancelled due to NE blizzard

4,615 flights cancelled due to NE blizzardApproximately 4,615 flights have been cancelled throughout the Northeast and parts of the Mid-Atlantic after a winter storm (“blizzard” is hardly the right term) affected both regions of the United States.

The severity of the storm was not as fierce as originally predicted by meteorologists but snowstorms in general are known to cause transportation delays and cancellations. Last year the airlines dealt with massive winter weather which caused the airlines tons of money due to delays and cancellations.

[FYI: Even if you are not flying to/from the affected regions, your flight could still be cancelled or delayed because of the origin of your aircraft.]

Travel bans in CT, MA, NJ and NY have now been lifted.

If you have a flight today or maybe even tomorrow, it would be wise for you to check with the airline to see what, if any, changes have been made to your itinerary. I would also recommend being proactive in re-booking if you think your flight will be affected by the ongoing weather delays. Being stuck at the airport sucks, and having to go home when your flight is cancelled sucks just as much.

Yesterday, Gary from View from the Wing shared some tips on how to travel smart when the weather decides to not cooperate with our traveling needs. I highly recommend you read them!

Good luck and be safe out there!

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