Frontier Airlines is outsourcing over 1,200 jobs in March

Frontier Airlines is outsourcing over 1,200 jobs in March

Frontier Airlines is outsourcing over 1,200 jobsFrontier Airlines, a low budget U.S. airline, is slashing 1,160 jobs at Denver International Airport (DEN)  in a move that the airline claims to be necessary in order to stay competitive.

Additionally, Frontier will also eliminate a 140-person reservations department in Milwaukee, WI.

You may know of Frontier Airlines from their super cheap $14.99 one-way fares they advertise often, especially when they hit a new market.

Frontier told its employees on Friday that it will outsource all ramp, baggage, gate and ticket-counter jobs at DEN, as well as all reservation agent positions based out of Denver, CO.

“Today is a difficult day for all of us here at Frontier,” said Frontier’s CEO, Siegel, on Friday after workers were informed of the job cuts. “For Frontier to be successful, we need to have a certain cost structure. We may not like the way it affects people’s lives, like today, but it will allow us to grow as a company.”

As of March 2015, the airline will outsource the DEN jobs to Swissport USA and reservation functions to the Nashville-based customer service firm Sitel.

Spirit Airlines announced a similar move this week but said that their FLL hub would not be affected by their decision to outsource jobs.

I guess in order to compete and offer such low fares employees have to lose their jobs… at least, that’s what Frontier and Spirit think. These airlines already provided crappy customer service. though Frontier is way better than Spirit, I can’t imagine how bad it will be now.

Outsourced employees are known to be bottom-of-the-barrel when it comes to customer service.


Source: Denver Post



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  2. // January 17, 2015 at 7:40 pm //

    I am a outsourced employee for frontier airlines. I work in Des Moines, and i take it personal that anyone would think we are bottom of the barrel. We do our jobs just as well as full time Frontier employees, but for a hell of alot less money, and no benefits. I think it really sucks that frontier is going about this. They charge for everything but bathroom rights and water.(soon to change i’m sure.) I feel this is just a way to break the union. Really sry for the employees. Frontier is already one of the money making airlines already!

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