AA Exec Avoids Wearing Uniform Believed to Cause Health Problems

AA Executives

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AA Exec Avoids Wearing Uniform Believed to Cause Health Problems

Last week we reported that American Airlines Executives were in the process of getting flight attendant uniforms, in an effort to comfort flight attendants who have filed a formal claim saying they cause health issues.  Now, it is being reported that the boss of all 25,000 flight attendants at American has still failed to show his employees that he is wearing the uniform.

According to the Chicago Business Journal,

Hector Adler, AA’s vice president of flight service who oversees 25,500 American flight attendants, is said to be in possession of one of the controversial new uniforms, and he is said to be wearing it.

But sources within the ranks of AA flight attendants have not yet spotted him in the new outfit. According to sources, Adler was not wearing the uniform when he showed up at a flight attendants operations center at Dallas Ft. Worth International Airport on Christmas Day.

But today, an AA spokeswoman insisted that “Hector has worn his uniform and will continue to do so.” AA declined, however, to provide a photo of Adler in the new uniform from Twin Hill.

It is rather intriguing that AA management is showing absolutely no interest in doing what it can to comfort flight attendants, over 2,000 of which have complained that they have had health issues associated with the uniforms.  It shows a real lack of employee morale that management is so unwilling to budge on this issue, although as travelers we know full well that this has become the regular operating procedures for AA management.

American Airlines should get serious about these claims.  Does it really hurt for the VP to show up to an event with flight attendants wearing the uniform?  Would it really hurt for him to take a photo?  Why is AA management so unwilling to bend on this issue, when it is apparent that a couple of thousand employees are uneasy about the possible health impact of the suits?

Bottom line: when the flight attendants get AA management to care about their opinions, they will hopefully let those of us who fly American know how they did it!  It seems employees and customers are well aware of the uncaring nature of AA management.

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