Airline Plans Kid Free Zones And Family Booths


UK-based airline Thomson Airways is looking at new, innovative ways to keep passengers happy.

A UK-based airline, Thomson Airways, is making plans to completely redefine the skies to make them more friendly to consumers.  The airline is throwing around a number of ideas to encourage passengers to fly in a newly defined way of comfort.

One of the promo photos released by Thomson Airways is family booth seating at the back of the plane, where parents will sit face-to-face with their children.  If parents aren’t looking forward to a long flight with their children, Thomson is also planning on board childcare.


Childcare Services

The airline is also looking at a zoning structure for the airplane, which would include kid-free zone.  Anybody who has ever been on a flight that included a crying baby, or in my case, a child who spits on you, knows that this could be a very welcoming luxury to business travelers and frequent flyers.  This zone would also include a snack bar.


Snack Bar

The airline is also looking at “couple pods”, which include two comfortable seats and mood lighting, as well as a table between the two.


Couple Pods

The airline is also looking at including other on board services, which would include a concierge that would give advice to travelers on their destination.  In flight services would allow passengers to make last-minute changes to air and hotel reservations.


On Board Concierge

Thomson Airways is the third biggest airline in the United Kingdom.  They are seeking new and innovative ways to configure their new fleet of 47 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft that it has ordered.

These sound like some pretty awesome and innovative plans for the airline.  It will be very interesting to see how many of these passenger services it will be able to bring on board and what the cost associated with using them will be.


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2 Comments on Airline Plans Kid Free Zones And Family Booths

  1. As a father of 6, I’m totally on board with kid-free zones. Some of the biggest hassle we have is dealing with trying to keep the kids from bothering other people. So I’m all for it

    • Yeah, I think this could definitely be a great thing! A month ago I was flying and I was purposefully spit on by a child. The parents saw him do it and said nothing. The bad experience made me think that sometimes I would want to be separate from kids. I’m sure you are much better with your kids than that, but some parents aren’t interested in keeping control of their kids when flying and it can lead to inconveniences for others. That being said, I have also sat by some pretty well-behaved kids, so I guess it all comes down to the kid.

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