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American Airlines Ending JFK to MCO Service

Courtesy: jerical cat on Flickr

American Airlines Ending JFK to MCO Service

I saw somebody on Twitter asking American Airlines why there was not availability on the JFK to MCO route that American Airlines currently flies between the airports.  American Airlines responded to the person that they make decisions based on the “demands of the market.”

Well, sure enough, I confirmed with American Airlines’ Twitter team that the last flight on American Airlines between JFK and MCO will be on May 2, 2019.

Courtesy: Google Flights

As you can see, a search for May 3, 2019 between JFK and MCO turns up no direct flights on American Airlines.  The current flight runs twice a day departing from JFK and 3:50pm and 8:40pm on a Boeing 737.  The flights currently operate seven days a week.  The flight usually runs just over 3 hours.

This leaves customers with a flight once a day from LaGuardia.  During the week, the flight from LaGuardia departs at 6:29am, and during the weekend it departs at 6:25am.  That flight is also operated on a Boeing 737.  American Airlines does not offer direct flights between Newark and Orlando.

Orlando is, of course, full of popular attractions like Disney World and Universal Studios.  In comments responding to people’s reaction to the news on Twitter, American Airlines did not disclose the purpose behind canceling the flight, but they did mention that it’s based on demand.

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