American lifts ground stop at PHL airport

American lifts ground stop at PHL airport

American Airlines has lifted it’s ground stop to/from Philadelphia International Airport after it’s computers failed to return from a scheduled internet outage that occurred overnight.

American officials say they had to manually check in all passengers and halt all flights while it’s systems were down. The ground stop was issued by the Federal Aviation Administration due to the computer outage and did not affect other airlines.

While flights have resumed, there have been cancellations and the airline warns that there may be rolling delays for the next several hours. There have also been reports of passengers feeling ill due to the long delays caused by the ground stop.

If you are flying to/from PHL today, plan to expect at least some residual delays and check your flights status to stay informed of any delays or cancellations.

American’s systems returned at 7:45 am. Other than responding to customer complaints, American published no information regarding the outage and ground stop on their social media accounts. So much for communicating with the public!

Source: CBS Philly

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  1. I think the passengers are feeing ill because they chose ot purchase a ticket on a crappy airline. Generally, a few hours delay does not make one ill.

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