American takes over Delta’s SEA-HND rights, now bidding for LAX-HND rights

American takes over Delta's SEA-HND rightsIt looks like American Airlines is barking at Delta Airlines lately. First, American offered bonus miles for those passengers who fly on paid First and Business class, and now, American had made a bid to the Department of Transportation to take over Delta’s route to Tokyo’s Haneda Airport.American takes over Delta's SEA-HND rights

American claims that Delta only operated flights between Seattle-Tacoma International and Haneda Airport 17 times this winter, which is 10 percent less and just enough flights for Delta to maintain rights to the slot. American asked the DOT to withdraw Delta’s rights due to underuse and the DOT has agreed.

Now, American is trying to convince the DOT to approve a bid to start flying from LAX, instead of SEA, to Haneda. American says they would provide customers daily, year-round nonstop service between LAX and Haneda on a Boeing 777-200 aircraft.

(Please note: American wants to fly to HND only from LAX, not SEA. They are trying to convince the DOT to let them fly out of LAX in order to maximize the new route.)

American is currently the largest carrier at LAX, and they provide passengers with nearly 1,200 weekly flights to 52 North American airports.
American takes over Delta's SEA-HND rightsAmerican quoted the following statistics on their website, “This compares to Delta’s 500 weekly flights to 27 North American cities for customers connecting to Haneda through Seattle. We’ll offer one-stop service from Tokyo’s downtown airport to more than double the number of destinations.”
Presently, there are four daily flights to Haneda from the United States and American is the only global network airline that cannot fly to Haneda, but they believe they can make the most utilization of the route and asking for passengers to help convince the DOT.
Click here to contact the DOT and ask them to let American fly to Tokyo’s Haneda Airport.

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  1. Hawaiian also bid for that slot since it is now officially under review.

  2. The title and the article are a bit confusing – makes it sound like AA is “taking over” the SEA route AND also bidding to add LAX. My understanding is they want to fly LAX-HND using the rights currently allotted to Delta’s SEA route, meaning AA would not be flying SEA-HND.

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