Are US Airways FF accounts merging with AAdvantage on March 20th?

US Airways has announced that their partnership with Jet Airways will end on March 20th, 2015. However, the language they use in the announcement is quite intriguing to say the least.

Read it for yourself:

Our partnership with Jet Airways will end on March 20, 2015. You can request retroactive credit through March 25, 2015 for Jet Airways flights flown before March 20, 2015. For all travel on Jet Airways after March 20th 2015, members may earn millage under their existing or newly issued American Airlines AAdvantage account. The AAdvantage number must be entered into the reservation. For details on the AAdvantage / Jet Airways partnership please visit: http://www.aa.com/i18n/AAdvantage/earnMiles/travel/airlines/jetAirways.jsp.

It seems as if US Airways Dividend Miles accounts will merge to American Airlines AAdvantage accounts after March 20, 2015.

Additionally, even though it is not relevant, the US Airways twitter account will cease to operate as of February 28th, from then on all inquires should be sent to @AmericanAir

What do you think? Could the merger of frequent flyer accounts be taking place on March 20th or a few days after that?

Read the announcement

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  1. I was on a recent US Air flight and overheard the FA’s saying something about how everything has to be combined by “the 13th” I took this to mean March 13th. Funny thing is that March 13th is a Friday as well 🙂

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