How To Cancel A Flight Booked With Avios


Recently I had to cancel a flight I had booked on British Airways Avios.  At first, I thought I was going to lose the Avios because I knew they charge $40 per person to cancel, and I did not want to spend $80 (two people on the reservation) when I only spent 18,000 Avios and $28.

Sure enough, I discovered that British Airways allows you to cancel the flight and get a full refund on your Avios.  The only thing you don’t get refunded on is the amount that you spent in taxes in fees, which in this case was the $28.  This is a pretty good deal given that I had spent 18,000 Avios that I got back in its entirety (they instantly went back to my account).

The best part of this is that it is easy to cancel online with the click of a couple buttons, so don’t worry about spending endless time on the phone waiting to cancel it!

Overall, I’d say if you are looking to cancel a flight booked on Avios, determine what is the cheapest way to do it.  If I had spent more than $40 and wanted the Avios back, I very easily could have called and paid for that (also be aware of the fee for changing the reservation on the phone, which I believe is $25).  However, if you spent less than $40, it is highly beneficial to go ahead and just cancel it and lose out on the taxes and fees paid.

Also, important to note that you can cancel any flight booked with Avios within the 24-hour booking window and get a full refund of both Avios and the money that you spent.

Maybe many of you already knew this, but it really was helpful to find this out!  I was in a dilemma and really didn’t want to lose those Avios, and thankfully, I didn’t have to!

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4 Comments on How To Cancel A Flight Booked With Avios

  1. Good work Jonathan.

  2. how is this legal? I can understand charing a fee to cancel but to actually keep taxes on a flight which you do not fly, seems really weird (and illegal)

  3. Sorry, I a bit confused. So, if I had spent more than $40 (or $68 if adding the call service fee) and wanted the Avios back, I should CALL to cancel. If I had spent less than $40 and wanted the Avios back, I should GO ONLINE and cancel it on Thanks.

  4. JW,

    Yep, that’s exactly it! Just remember that the change fee of $40 is per person on the reservation.

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