Child "Poops" Aboard Delta Flight from Beijing to Detroit

Child "Poops" Aboard Delta Flight from Beijing to DetroitIt is rumored that passengers aboard a Delta Airlines flight from Beijing to Detroit last week were traumatized when a Chinese child squatted on his seat and proceeded to defecate, also known as pooping. The child’s parents then proceeded to spread newspaper on the seat to catch the waste.

Despite passengers asking the parents to take the child to the restroom, the child’s grandfather insisted that his grandson finish his business at his seat.

A flight attendant spoke with the family of the child but they did not seem to care. So what happened then? Nothing. The flight attendant was forced to drop the subject and carry on. The passengers were left to suffer with a foul odor for the remainder of their flight.

Unfortunately, it seems that there is no law prohibiting a child from doing their “business” in an airplane seat.

The story has not been officially confirmed by Delta Airlines as of yet.

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4 Comments on Child "Poops" Aboard Delta Flight from Beijing to Detroit

  1. I don’t think anything can best a kid pooping in a seat on the plane I hope it wasn’t a middle seat though.

  2. I’m sorry but this is just unacceptable, unhygienic and disrespectful. I would have been disgusted.

  3. This is actually very common in China. We saw this (children pooping in public) several times while there on our visit.

  4. The Chinese National Tourism Administration published an etiquette guide for Chinese tourists traveling overseas. Apparently pooping in public wasn’t included as one of the tips.

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