Delta CEO: Donald Trump Victory Helped Our Business

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Delta CEO: Donald Trump Victory Helped Our Business

In an interview with CNBC, Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian claimed there has been a quantifiable increase in money that can be attributed to Trump’s victory in November.

On the network’s broadcast “Squawk Box,” Bastian said, “There was no question post the election that we saw an improvement.  You see in the marketplace.  You see it in some optimism with respect to starting to get things done in Washington. We saw it in our results.”

Bastian believes that consumer confidence has increased with the results of the election.

“We’re optimistic.  Our new president-elect ran on a campaign of protecting U.S. jobs and enforcing U.S. trade treaties.”  Bastian claimed that there is no other important industry with respect to trade treaties that have been violated and the prospective loss of American jobs than in the airline industry.  Of course, this anger is more centered on having to take action to compete with the superior product and service offered on those airlines (and does nothing to mention the subsidies received by U.S. airlines, including Delta).  Furthermore, U.S. carriers avoid paying U.S. taxes on a regular basis, which essentially serves as a subsidy itself.

Bastian is most likely buttering up to the new administration with the hopes they will take action against Middle East airlines that challenge Delta’s hold on the marketplace.  Delta, and the other carriers trying to box out Middle Eastern airlines, really want to kill competition and prevent other airlines from charging less than them.

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