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How to earn miles without flying. It’s easier than you think.

How to earn miles without flying
Courtesy: Citi Bank

Most of us bloggers earn a good portion of our miles from flying. However, non-frequent flyers can also earn miles without stepping foot inside of an aircraft.

Take my friend Kathy for example. Kathy took her first flight (ever) this past December when we went to New Orleans for New Years. A round-trip flight between DCA and MSY nets you 1,938 AAdvantage miles. Yet Kathy has a total of 59,798 AAdvantage miles.

How did Kathy do this?

  • Credit card – She earns 1 mile/$1 spent on her credit card plus the bonus miles she earned for applying.
  • Dinning – She earns miles for dining at select restaurants.
  • Shopping – She is a big online spender so Kathy uses online portals that reward her spending with miles.
How to earn miles without flying
Courtesy: Rewards Network

In a matter of four months Kathy has managed to earn nearly 60,000 miles. That’s enough for a round trip flight to Europe in coach., yet Kathy has only actually flown 1,938 miles.

So what I’m trying to share with non-frequent flyers, especially my personal friends, is that you don’t need to fly in order to get a free trip.

So start earning more miles by..

Dinning – Dine at select restaurants/bars and you can earn even more miles.

Online Shopping – Shop online and earn miles on your favorite U.S.-based airline.

Credit Card – Find out which airline credit card is best for you and earn 1 mile/$1 spent.

How to earn miles without flying
Courtesy: Cartera Commerce


and of course… flying! But remember that non-flying can still earn you a free trip in no time. It just depends on your lifestyle and spending habits.

This year (2015) alone I have already earned over 5,000 miles from shopping, dinning, and from my credit card spending.

*The Winglet does not make a commission from any airline, hotel program, bank or any of the above-mentioned companies. This post is 100% in good faith and intended to help our readers earn more miles without flying.*


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  1. I earn very few of my miles from flying – I do have a trip for work next month where I’ll earn some miles but for the most part I try to use miles to get my flights for free

    1. Mine are mostly from traveling, but I do get around 25% of my miles from my credit card and dining program. I only use the shopping portal when it’s time to buy textbooks for school or the holidays!

  2. I’ve had my citi/as card for just over 10 years, use it for business purchases, and over the years racked up over 3m points Lots of first class travel.

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