My First Uber Experience


Last night I used Uber for the first time. I know, I know, I’m late…

A friend and I shared a ride using Uber because it was cheaper than taking the DC metro or a taxi. I was shocked by how quick the service was. The driver arrived at my pickup location within 2 minutes and was very friendly. The best part was that the vehicle was clean, luxurious, and safe for driving.

On the return ride, the driver arrived to my pickup location in about the same amount of time and was nice and professional, just like the first driver.

What I like about Uber’s iPhone app:

  • Get an estimated fare quote;
  • See a picture of your driver and vehicle details;
  • Get an estimated pickup time;
  • Track your route while riding;
  • No hassle of paying once you arrive at your destination; and
  • You can see nearby Uber drivers from the app.

I plan on using Uber a lot more often in Washington, D.C. because it’s cheaper than the metro (most of the time) and because they are friendlier and safer than a cab. Bottom line, I love it!

What has your experience with Uber been like?

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2 Comments on My First Uber Experience

  1. Cheaper than the Metro? I can see it being cheaper than a taxi, but isn’t the Metro like a subway with prices only a few bucks?

    • DC metro fares are ridiculous. During peak times a fare can be as high as $5.90 each way, depending on the distance. Always at least $2.15 during peak each way if it’s close and does not require a transfer/change of station.

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