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Frontier Airlines Will Allow You To Social Distance On Flights — For a Price

Frontier Airlines Will Allow You To Social Distance
Courtesy: Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines Will Allow You To Social Distance On Flights — For a Price

There’s been a lot of talk surrounding how to implement social distance policies on airplanes.  Some airlines like Delta and Southwest Airlines have implemented policies to cap sales on flights.  Well, Frontier Airlines announced on Monday that it’s implementing a new policy allowing people to pay for the privilege to be social distance on their flights.

According to a press release from Frontier, their “New Room” policy allows passengers to pay for a confirmed empty middle seat next to them.  Frontier said the price starts at $39 per passenger per flight.  Flights from May 8,2020-August 31, 2020 will have 18 “New Room” seats available.  The stretch seats in the first three rows will also have “More Room” seats available.  Frontier’s stretch seats come with more legroom and recline than standard seats.

CEO Barry Biffle said in a statement, “While we believe the best measure to keep everyone healthy is to require face coverings, for those who want an empty seat next to them for extra peace of mind or simply additional comfort, we are now offering ‘More Room,’” said Frontier CEO Barry Biffle.”

Frontier will make a decision in August whether the More Room policy will continue past the current August 31 end date.

Outrage Over Packed Planes

There has been a series of outrage moments from passengers around the world when they boarded packed aircraft.  Some people argue if you want more space on a plane, fly private or stay home.

The new policy is likely to spark criticism because many will argue that you should not be forced to pay to have social distance.  But keep in mind that the U.S. Government still has not mandated social distancing on commercial aircraft.  In addition, the CDC claims that the risk for catching coronavirus on a plane is low.

Perhaps most importantly, social distance on airplanes is a losing policy for airline revenue. At a time when airlines need to fill seats to make more revenue, people are demanding social distance on commercial flights.  Advocates are asking airlines, who are already struggling, to make less seats available to consumers.  Passengers always have the option to purchase another seat if it makes them more comfortable.

At the same time, many airlines have implemented mask requirements, as a way to help ease the discomfort many people seem to have at the prospect of flying.

Bottom Line

Frontier is finding a way to increase revenue while giving people what they want: social distance.  So for $39+ per passenger, per flight you can now pay for an empty middle seat.  This guarantees that you will have an open middle seat next to you.  If you’re somebody who doesn’t want to chance having somebody next to you, Frontier Airlines will allow you to social distance if you’re willing to pay the price..

(HT: Zach Honig, The Points Guy)

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  1. I have a better plan. Rather than paying Frontier $39 for the luxury of social distancing, stay home. It’s free. Lots of leg room. No mask required. Zero chance of contracting COVID-19.

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