Hertz Changes Friends & Family Program

Hertz Changes Friends & Family ProgramStarting today making a reservation with the Hertz‘ friends & family program may become more difficult for you. Or easier!

Hertz has launched a friends and family plan which will require the Hertz employee to manually add their friend or family members Hertz Gold Plus Rewards number to a list. The employes are allowed nine additional recipients to the list for a total of 10 when you include the employee.

My brother works for Hertz and in the past it was a pain to book a reservation. He would usually have to make the reservation and add his employee details to the reservation. Otherwise, if I made the reservation, during the check-in process I would get questioned about our relationship during pickup. It also prohibited me from just grabbing my keys and driving away.

The new plan will make it much easier for me to make a reservation. Once my gold number is on the list, I just have to select the friends and family discount plan while making a reservation and I will be on my merry way.

Hertz seems to have implemented this new program to reduce the number of people who fraudulently use the friends & family CDP without actually having a friend or family member working for Hertz. Regardless of their reasoning, it will make my life easier.

The catch? You will no longer be able to earn airline miles or Hertz points. However, rentals will still count towards status. In the past I have received¬†some Hertz points through the friends & family CDP, but very rarely…


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