How to get your Uber passenger rating. I know mine, do you?

If you’ve used Uber you know that you get to rate your Uber driver at the end of your trip. Uber has a five-star scale and allows you to leave a comments if you rated the driver less than five stars.

How to get your Uber passenger rating

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However, did you know that Uber drivers can also rate you when you leave their vehicle? Their rating of you are equally as important. According to Uber, passenger ratings are meant to protect their drivers from “aggressive, violent, intoxicated or disrespectful passengers.” Keep in mind that drivers are allowed to see your passenger rating before they take your Uber request, so if you have a low star rating then you may get passed on more often.

Additionally, if you hold a low passenger rating, such as a 1 or 2, Uber reserves the right to terminate your account in order to protect the safety of their drivers. I think this also goes back to

So how do you find out what your Uber passenger rating is? Simple.

How to get your passenger rating:

1. Email:
2. Subject: Uber passenger rating
3. Content: Mention that you would like to be informed of your Uber passenger ratings and include the email and phone number associated with your Uber account.

An UberSupport agent will check your rating and respond to your request fairly quickly. It took about 30 minutes to get my rating.

My rating came back as a 4.6. Ouch. I also checked the app and I spent ~$300 on Uber last year, which is more than I expected.

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3 Comments on How to get your Uber passenger rating. I know mine, do you?

  1. or you could just ask the uber driver

  2. just checked.. 4.6 for me as well

  3. One driver was nice enough to tell me mine, and that’s when I found out that another driver (who’s absolutely horrible) that I’m forced to frequently use probably rated me poorly. I refuse to use Uber again.

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