Is Lyft cheaper than Uber? Not really. Even with 50% off!

Lyft cheaper than Uber? Not really.Is Lyft cheaper than Uber? Not really. Even with 50% off!

Recently I’ve been trying to compare the fare difference between Uber and Lyft. Mostly within Washington, D.C. so your experience may vary from city to city.

However, on various occasions, taking Lyft is DOUBLE the price of an Uber ride.

Two days ago I took a trip from DCA to my apartment in downtown Silver Spring. Uber was approximately $23 while Lyft was $44. The traffic level was about the same (late night) and there was no fare hike (surge) to keep drivers on the road.

You may have received a promotional email or notification about Lyft’s 50% off rides during weekdays recently. To be honest, the 50% discount puts Lyft at the same price of Uber. It is hardly a discount at all!

In my opinion, I find Uber drivers to drive newer and cleaner cars than Lyft drivers. Again, your experience may obviously vary.

In sum, the 50% weekday discount offered by Lyft is not competitive in nature at all. Uber remains, at least in DC, the better choice.

Have you had a similar experience?

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  1. What a ridiculous e-mail.

    You can’t present anecdotal evidence as imperical.

    In Los Angeles, LYFT is usually cheaper than Uber.

    Then again, Uber Pool is cheaper than LYFT.

  2. Interesting that yours was that much! I recently drove the same route but in reverse. SS to DCA in the middle of the day and my trip was $28 before the half off.

  3. I find this post in highly bad taste. I have use Lyft and Uber over a 30 times to EWR airport from Jersey City and Lyft beats Uber by a BIG margin everytime.

    16-22 dollars in Lyft on average, 32-38 dollars in Uber on average. LYFT is way way cheaper.

  4. I had the same experience in DC! Tried a couple of 50% off weekday rides and the price was the same, if not more expensive, than Uber.

  5. In NYC, Lyft is usually cheaper, especially with the $5 rides which is ending soon. UberPool goes into NJ which, if they are not surging, is cheaper than Lyft. Unfortunately, Uber is over surging in NYC as much as 3.5-4x which Lyft rarely surges more than 75% (so 400% vs 75-100%).

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