Introducing “CoBrowse” from American Airlines

Introducing "CoBrowse" from American Airlines

Introducing “CoBrowse” from American Airlines

It seems like American Airlines is making it easier for customers to share their on-line experience with reservation agents.

There isn’t much information available on this new feature, in fact it must be pretty new. However, when you’re on an webpage, if you scroll to the bottom right of the page (under Extras) and click ‘CoBrowse‘ you will then see a pop-up saying “please give the agent this code” You will also notice a yellow bar on the top of the page.

I assume that this feature will do the obvious, that is, let an agent ‘CoBrowse’ what you are doing on the webpage in case you’re having technical difficulties or any other form of miscommunication. Each CoBrowse session has a different code which seems to expire after a while.

Has anyone else used this feature yet?

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