Loud Music Causes Brawl on Spirit Airlines (VIDEO)

Spirit AirlinesLoud Music Causes Brawl on Spirit Airlines (VIDEO)

We’ve all been in that situation where someone is playing their music just a little too loudly.  However, I think few have been in a situation where the person is obnoxiously playing the music on a boombox speaker!  Well, on a cross country flight for Spirit Airlines, that was the case…and it led to a five person brawl.

Of course, other passengers caught the fight on camera.  According to witnesses on the aircraft, the people involved in the fight were throwing some pretty strong punches.  Given the two passengers listening to the music were believed to be intoxicated, it isn’t entirely surprising that the alcohol + frustration of putting up with the obnoxious person listening to loud music could lead to such a fight.

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According to NBC News:

The two passengers “appeared to be intoxicated” and “were playing loud music on a boom box speaker” on the Baltimore to Los Angeles flight, Spirit Airlines said in a statement. When several other passengers asked them to lower the volume, the two women refused, asking, “What are you going to do?” while waving their boombox in the air, the airline said.

When the plane landed, an all-out brawl happened in the aisle — fists were flying and hair was pulled, all while stunned fellow passengers held their cell phones up to record the altercation.

It’s a pretty unfortunate thing for the passengers on board.  The only thing worse than flying Spirit Airlines is having to spend a longer time on the Spirit aircraft than you were originally planning.  Note to all those who love to blast their headphones/speakers: do us all a favor and turn the volume down so you’re the only one that actually has to listen to your music.

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