United Plans To Fuel Flights With Animal Waste

United Airlines Landing

United Plans To Fuel Flights With Animal Waste

A dip in oil costs has left some airlines unfocused on finding new ways to fuel their aircraft, but for United Airlines, they are interested in changing the way they fuel their aircraft.

The plan from United calls on using biofuels made out of animal fats and oils for thousands of flights from Los Angeles to San Francisco.  Specifically, United has announced it will begin using the fuel immediately and will be provided by HoneyWell Green Jet Fuel.

According to the press release:

United will fly on a blend of 30 percent renewable jet fuel and 70 percent petroleum jet fuel. The company will purchase 15 million gallons of renewable jet fuel from AltAir over a three-year period.

“United’s commitment to using renewable fuel in everyday service is a significant milestone in the adoption and use of sustainable fuels,” said Veronica May, vice president and general manager of Honeywell UOP’s Renewable Energy and Chemicals business. “Honeywell UOP has developed a versatile portfolio of technologies that can produce renewable diesel and jet fuel, and we’ve seen a range of uses including commercial and military aircraft, bus fleets and ships. We remain committed to providing refiners and other producers the best technology for making renewable fuels.”

This is a pretty interesting move by United and is actually pretty neat.  United is also making a smart move.  While fuel prices are low now, there is no telling when they may go back up, and perhaps United will be in a good position.  United is certainly not the only one with interest in using the technology to fuel their planes.

Additionally, Fortune writes:

Airlines are partly interested in biofuels because they’re facing increased pressure to reduce their carbon emissions by new government mandates. The Environmental Protection Agency drafted new rules last year for airlines to cut their emissions. In addition, airlines can pledge to buy a volume of biofuel at a set price, which is a hedge against the price of jet fuel going up.

The new fuel type starts immediately, so we’ll see if interest and its use continues to grow in the industry.

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