New American Meal Service Window for First Class Released

New American Meal Service Window for First Class ReleasedAmerican has released what was once rumored to be a change to their meal service based on mileage flown and time of day. There are a few routes that are exempted from the mileage requirement.

One exception that doesn’t make much sense to me is the JFK-FLL route…I’m also shocked that the DCA-MIA rote is not an exception to the new changes.

The new change only applies to flights that are domestic and to/from Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

See the new chart for yourself:


View From the Wing first reported about the possibility of these changes after he spoke to an AA representative on June 7th. However, these charts were recently released which prove what he and the rep had previously mentioned.

Gary from View From the Wing also claims that the following routes (markets) are exempt:

  • CLT and PHL-MSP

*Update: American has updated their first class meal policy further to add more exceptions and enhance the snacks. Click here to read more.

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9 Comments on New American Meal Service Window for First Class Released

  1. These charts are incomplete.
    * ORD-TPA is also an exception market.
    * MIA-EWR and LGA are as well.
    * CLT and PHL-MSP are US Airways exception markets.

    Not sure why anyone thought this was a rumor, I reported it straight from AA on June 7… 😉

    • I guess anything can be a rumor until it is “officially” publicly released. I’ve linked to your June 7th post for further clarification in case someone wants to read into it further.

  2. Just curious why you think DCA-MIA should be exempt? The markets that are exempt all seem to be business markets where most people would pay for first, or are markets with competitive pressures where DL or UA already provide meal service. I don’t think that DCA-MIA qualifies as either, especially with the government fares that most likely require coach travel domestically until you make the international connection and get to go business (if you’re lucky)!

    • Because some of the other exemptions seem odd. For example, do you really think traffic through FLL carries less leisure travel than flights between Miami and Washington? Why exempt FLL-PAP? Or why exempt JFK-MCO. I find it hard to believe that there is more business traffic between Orlando and New York than Washington and Miami. In my experience traveling between DCA and MIA, when I sit in first class, most passengers were going, or coming from some sort of business/work event.

      • Yeah, that is how I view it too. It really makes no sense for a lot of us. JFK-FLL is an exception when it shouldn’t considering that most businessmen fly out of LGA and MIA is more of a business center than FLL is. I’m hoping that AA will eventually reconsider their decision and exempt it. Unless their rationale for it is because PHL is now a major player out of DCA, for example, you can take a shuttle flight to PHL from DCA and then go to MIA in 1st because of USAir’ routes. The decrease in meal service for those connecting to EZE is also daunting for some flyers. Thank you for your feedback, Jim!

    • Marc, just because Washington, D.C. is where the federal government does most of its work from doesn’t mean only government employees travel from there. DCA-MIA is a prime spot for consultants, contractors and those in financial markets because Miami is the financial capital of the US when dealing with S. America (and Latin America). In the last 3 weeks months I’ve seen Jorge Ramos, Anderson Cooper and Nancy Pelosi in first class with me on my flight to MIA from DCA, none were flying on government fares. DCA & MIA are “hubs” for American and are almost 1k miles apart. And as others have stated, it makes more sense to make it an exception than JFK-FLL.

      • Adam, I agree with you completely. I’ve had countless celebrity-types (politicians, CNN Espanol anchors etc.) on the MIA-DCA flights. These folks are paying for first class and not sitting up there on a government fare. I’m hoping that AA does reconsider this route and exempt it. Is there a good way to ask them? If I send an email to customer service as an EXPLAT will that help? Or will I get a canned response like everyone else?

        • They will probably just say they appreciate your feedback and put you to rest. Even if you were an EXP presently, airlines nowadays seem to not care about what their loyal members say unless they are big big spenders. I’m sure if enough people who take that route often complain they may take it into consideration.

  3. Why isn’t DCA-MIA on the exemption list? I’ve been reading on various blogs that this is the one market that seems to be getting a lot of attention. Just wondering.

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