Man Calls Out British Always After Sitting in Business Class Seat Soaked in Urine

Soaked in Urine

Courtesy: British Airways

Man Calls Out British Always After Sitting in Business Class Seat Soaked in Urine

You’ve probably gotten to a seat on a plane that clearly wasn’t cleaned.  You may get on and see trash in the pocket in front of you.  Other times the food tray is dirty.  But this one kind of takes the cake and makes you want to check before you sit down.  A business class passenger who paid £5000 for his long-haul flight to Jamaica sat in seat soaked in urine.

According to Glouchestershire Live:

Andy Vicary, 52 from Gloucester does not believe that British Airways have satisfied his complaint with the correct compensation.

He said: “We were on board the plane and made our way to our seats and so I sat down with a glass of Champagne and thought this is brilliant.

“I turned the pillow over and you could see that the pillow and the entire seat was saturated in urine. The cabin crew tried to take the seat cover off and it was disgusting as it had soaked right though.

“I had to move seats and I was not able to sit with my wife for the flight which was really disappointing as well.”

For the trouble of the incident, Andy was only given 40,000 Avios from the airline.  Now, this is a pretty nasty thing to happen.  And after spending £5000 on his seat and being separated from his wife for the long flight, I think there should be more compensation for the man.  This is also just utterly disgusting and demonstrates how terrible the cleaning service is between flights.  That must mean that the person cleaning didn’t even touch the seat, as I would think that would be pretty noticeable.

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