Passengers: Delta Flight Attendants “Fat, Worn Out, Old”

Delta Flight Attendants

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Passengers: Delta Flight Attendants “Fat, Worn Out, Old”

A new real-time feedback, Delta Pulse, that was created by Delta Airlines with the hope of improving its service, but the feedback system has led to a number of abusive comments about flight attendants on the flight.

Gailen David, a former flight attendant, detailed some of the comments on his blog,  Some of the comments by passengers include:

“You have too many old, worn out and overweight flight attendants on this flight. There are also a few who are clearly “alternative lifestyle”. It sure makes flying Delta less enjoyable.”

“I f–king hate this airline and your s–tty flight attendants especially the ugly ones on my flight today”

“The aisles are too narrow on your planes and my elbows kept getting bumped by the pudgy flight attendant who couldn’t control the movement of her ass”

David includes other abusive messages received about the appearance of the airline’s flight attendants.

People like David have complained that Delta didn’t provide the proper filters to prevent the sort of abusive comments that have become publicized.  David has called on the airline to discontinue the system until it has worked out the issues with the filters, which would allow the airline to prevent the sort of comments above from being submitted.

I tend to think, while these comments are disgraceful, that they are probably more the exception than the rule.  David included six remarks on his website, and I haven’t found anything that shows how many similar comments that have actually been submitted, but I tend to think the majority of comments are not related to the physical appearance of the flight attendants.  Additionally, I tend to think that putting too many filters on a customer feedback service could be a disservice to the intentions of the program.  I think the airline should except that there are nasty people out there that will say horrible things, but the net gain in having a solid feedback system is essential to improving Delta’ customer service.

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17 Comments on Passengers: Delta Flight Attendants “Fat, Worn Out, Old”

  1. Jimmy Wilson // May 20, 2016 at 8:15 pm //

    There are clearly numerous DL FA’s that are significantly overweight. This increases the number of times they bump you in the aisle seat, increases fuel expense and makes passengers less safe because their poor physical condition would impact their ability (to some extent) to move with dexterity in case of emergency

  2. If ethnicity or skin color is mentioned in these feedbacks, they are immediately dismissed (as well they should). Why is discription of ones appearance ( fat,ugly,old ) acceptable? I work for a major airline and see this kind of discrimination allowed regularly. I blame management !!!!

  3. Lots of Delta FA’s are past their expiry date.

  4. FirstClassPrince // May 20, 2016 at 11:51 pm //

    Maybe Mr. David should look in the mirror.

  5. I always thought it would be a great idea to rate your FAs on an app just after you land and before you get to the gate. That way the FAs might try harder at customer service since they know that passengers will give immediate feedback on their experience during that flight. The current doesn’t seem to be working well. I don’t think the age, weight issue or sexual orientation are the problem. It is all about the poor customer service experience.

  6. Chris King // May 21, 2016 at 1:04 am //

    This is 2016, not 1976. As long as they can do the job it doesn’t matter their size, color or sexual orientation. Unless, of course, you’re a small-minded, decade-impaired bigot. If one thinks that presenting this type of subjective, rude and nonconstructive feedback to a work group does anything but harm morale then one obviously suffers from a severe case of having one’s cranium shoved deep into the dark abyss of one’s rectum.

  7. It would be nice if passengers were rated as well. Maybe that would allow them to refocus on their behavior and would improve their attitude as well. It’s a two way street. Sometime passengers expect the moon, the stars and champagne for the price of their beer budget ticket.

  8. I agree with Danny. As a F/A working 37 years ….and not “fat”, the crew and ground should be critiqued. But, when you use personal appearance and not personality, then your comments should not be credible. Try and remember, most of us old gals ( I’m 57 ) are there because we love our jobs. It’s too bad there’s a few grumpies. Actually, when I fly with cute new hires, I’m shocked at there “me” attitude. I’m not surprised because I have two millennial children. Plz don’t judge a book by its cover!!! Mahalo ( thanks) for letting me rant$

  9. Dee, I think it’s incredible that you still love working as an FA after 37 years. As a passenger who flies regularly, I think it’s the passengers these days that need to be “critiqued”. I’ve never seen so much rude, obnoxious and offensive behavior from so many people, in my 40+ years of flying. The fact that some of these same people are criticizing the flight crew, is laughable.

  10. The comments are correct ! I finally gave up Delta flying Transpacific for the very reason of the old, overweight attendants . After being woke up 7 times by the posterior of a fligjt attendant who could not make it down the aisle , i changed to Asiana on the HK- Seattle runs . In addition , the attitude of the OLD Cranky attendants who “sling ” the food during meal service added to the continuing bad experience . As a 3 million miler with Delta , I have a multi- decade level of experience to be able to correctly discern bad expeiences .

  11. I must returned from an itinerary of Clt-Detroit-Paris-Nice, and return on the same routing. I noticed a predominance of older, obese (medical definition), and lazy female FA’s. WHen handing out a meal in Comfort+, here’s the dialogue “chicken, chicken pasta or another entree ? ” (This writer forgot the 3rd). After a big harrumph, the FA just wanted me to order based on her non- description. I then asked “what is the chicken meal like? ” . NO RESPONSE. I took it a step further. “Is the chicken deep fried in chocolate or what? She stares at me like I’m a nut. “I,m asking”. She pulls up a slip of paper, and tells me that the chicken is Parmesan chicken, with a risotto and garnish. I take that choice and it is plopped down on my tray. I apparently slowed down her meal service, meaning fewer hours to sit in back and eat or gab. The next meal was similar. She thunders out with her card. She says – sandwiches, cheese and chicken or cheese? I ask “Are they warm or cold sandwiches”. No Response again. They are cheese and chicken and cheese. She says that they are warm. I take the cheese and chicken, she throws it onto my tray and she then goes forward a few rows. I see the label, and see it is chicken and cheese with honey mustard. I am really adverse to mustard of any kind. Since she’s down the road a bit, I can’t get back to her. So the beverage cart rolls up and was going to bypass me. I stopped it with my foot, and mentioned to the friendly FA that I can’t eat this sandwich. She yelled to the initial server about it, and I get the plain cheese sandwich. That’s about the extend of the bond built between us.really a dreadful experience.

    • Jim, I AM SORRY to say this but I think you are being a moron on that flight lol!! Imagine if 250 passengers had the dame attitude and asked the same questions!!!! The flight will be landing and half the plane won’t be served. I am Million Miler and I have miles with most of the major airlines. Delta is one of my favorite and they offer far more options and services than most airlines. You need to change your attitude, Next time read the airline Magazine when you board and you will find what type of meals and choices they have onboard. Also if you are in the back you may not have a choice of a meal. After all you didn’t pay to come eat during onboard the flight. You paid to get from A to Z. Th food is just a bonus. I have flown with Alitalia and other Major airlines in Europe on flight of 4 hours+ anc they didn’t offer anything for free to coach passengers. If you are so picky why don’t you grab your own food from the Airport. I fly almost every week and I hardly eat airplane food even when I fly in Business. I bring my own because I like to eat healthy. Get over yourself.

  12. Gigi Robinson // May 21, 2016 at 5:53 pm //

    Jim you sound like the guy sitting next to me. He was impossible. The entire description of the meal is read on the OA system precisely so those same questions don’t need to be answered 200 times to EVERY passenger on the plane. Just like a lady once on my row who didn’t bring food for her child that was diabetic and needed to eat often and special food.
    Their business is transportation , food is an extra. Crews there for safety mostly. From my recollection there isn’t chicken and chicken with pasta. It’s chicken OR pasta. Next time pay attention to the PA’s they are done for a reason. People behind you are hungry too and would like to get food before the entire description of ingredients is told to every row one by one.

  13. First of all, the ‘personal’ comments regarding size and age of the flight attendants are NOT the exception… They are extremely common – clearly exemplified by comment after comment made here. Furthermore, last time I checked, air travel is supposed to be just that >> TRAVEL! It’s not a beauty contest nor a runway fashion show. It is an experience that includes good service and safe transport! All of these chauvinistic comments are disgusting and only reflect the Trump society that we have become!! Take a step back from your narcissistic selves and realize that flight attendants are people doing a job – and a darn good one, overall! Yes, there is the occasional negative experience… But, largely, flight attendants do their best to meet or exceed the customers’ needs to the best of their ability. Flight attendants aren’t supposed to be eye candy…. They are there to provide a necessary function that is mandated by the FAA… Not to be your private fantasy or gopher. Get a grip and realize this is air transport and perhaps if the traveling public had a shred of manners left, perhaps the flight attendants would be even more accommodating than they already are!! Check your own attitudes, behaviors and appearance before slamming & shaming an entire group of 22000 employees who are there to save your butt in the event of an emergency!! Stop acting like entitled children who think the world revolves around them!! Realize that your nasty comments HURT people… Those comments don’t just fall into a vacuum. Surveys and evaluations are meant to be constructive NOT DESTRUCTIVE!! Realize that flight attendants are human beings w feelings who are trying to do a job, despite nasty people who make nasty comments and despite other sometimes difficult conditions. Flight attendants LOVE their jobs, that’s why s many of them have been around for so long…. But nasty people make is more and more difficult to be the best they can be. Have nine of you ever heard the saying, You catch more flies w honey????? Kindness begets kindness. Flight attendants don’t need or even want their ass kissed, they want to be treated w respect & dignity. They work HARD and deserve no less. Trust me, you will get more of what you want by just being NICE!! You should try it!!

    • Deb blame it on the customer not the front line employee. I fly a lot and see the flt att tossing meals like footballs. Flt att by large could care less. All they want to do is get the meal service over go and sit on dar cans.

  14. Steve S. // May 23, 2016 at 3:38 pm //

    “Solid feedback”? Hardly. Nothing in the comments from Delta’s Pulse allows individual flight attendants to receive solid feedback on how to improve in their job. It is data without information. I suggest raising the service bar by improving cabin comfort and amenities while raising the prices considerably. Ratings would improve and the trash that flies so frequently quite possibly would disappear.

  15. Same experience.
    Fat repulsive lardass of a delta attendant rubbing me and everyone else each time she waddled past.

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